From 1961 to 1974 Gerhard Schlueter worked as a production manager at Hilgers Apparatebau in Cologne-Rodenkirchen where he already worked during his apprenticeship. Hilgers Apparatebau was a manufacturer of tube bending machines. After the shutdown of Hilgers in 1974, Gerhard Schlueter set up on his own with an office for constructions and assembly services (“Ingenieur- und Montagebüro für Rohrkaltmachinen, Werkzeuge und Biegefragen”). On the base of 39 years of experience in the area of cold bending of tubes, he attended to the former customers of Hilgers.

In 1976 Gerhard Schlueter and his wife took over a small firm in Cologne-Niehl, so that he was able to produce the constructed tools by himself.

In 1978 the company – now named “Gerhard Schlueter Werkzeug- und Maschinenbau” - moved in bigger rooms in Johannesstrasse 28, Cologne-Pesch. This extension of the company made it possible to carry out orders in the field of turning, drilling, milling and grinding. To the former product range already belonged devices, moulding and stamping parts, cutting and bending tools, and special-purpose machines.

In the 80th the CNC-technology turned out to be an important improvement in the area of milling.
In 1989, Gerhard Schlueter changed with his company in a more suitable and modern building: the today’s headquarter in Waffenschmidtstr. 5, 50767 Cologne, Germany.
In 1998 the production site was extended.

Although Gerhard Schlueter has slowly retired from his firm since the 90th, his wife, Margarethe Schlueter worked fulltime in the management till 2003. In the development of their company, they succeeded in gathering a circle of regular convinced by the quality of the manufactured tools. In 2004 the daughter, Beate Karwowski, became authorized representative. Also two of the Schlueter’s grandchildren are working in the company: Having finished his studies of engineering the founder’s grandson, Dipl. Ing. (FH) Martin Karwowski, joined the firm in 2004. In 2005 granddaughter Stephanie Karwowksi entered the enterprise and is – as business graduate - now responsible for different tasks in the commercial department of the company.

In 2006 the first 5-axes-milling machine began working what proved to be a noticeable technological extension of the previous production possibilities.

On 01.01.2007 the company was taken over by Beate Karwowski who leads the firm up to 31.12.2007 under the legal form “Gerhard Schlueter Werkzeug- u. Maschinenbau e.K.”. At the same time a package of measures was taken to prepare the company for the current and future challenges of a permanent changing market. Part of this strategy was a consequent and continuous investment in new technologies which should maintain and increase the competitiveness of the enterprise.

In this way the purchasing of a mobile 3D-measuring arm in 2007 made it possible to handle the measuring of tools direct in the company and – in comparison with the past - within a short period oft time.

One year after the taking over of the company, the legal form changed into “Schlueter – tools GmbH & Co. KG”. Beate Karwowski continues as managing director. In the beginning of 2008, the machinery was completed by a further 5-axes-milling machine and a cycle-controlled turning lathe.

Gerhard Schlueter, the company’s founder, died after short and serious illness in april 2008. For his family, the preservation of his life’s work is a great request.

In 2010 Schlueter-tools received official certification of the quality management in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001:2008. In the same year Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Martin Karwowski has become authorized representative of the enterprise.

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